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Uveitis- disease of inflammation in the eye

Uveitis or inflammation in the eye is the swelling of the uvea that consists of the middle, pigmented structure of the eye which includes the iris, choroid and ciliary body. It needs to be urgently checked by the doctor to ensure the inflammation doesn’t get worse. There can be different parts in the eye affected that might result to such problem.

Kinds of uveitis
The four different places affected are, anterior uveitis, which can either be cured easily or may turn to be of acute nature, it occurs due to inflammation of iris or anterior chamber. The second is intermediate uveitis that consists of vitritis, that occurs due to collective deposition of inflammatory materials on the pars plana. Posterior uveitis and pan-uveitis are also two such inflammations that occur due to swelling of the retina and choroid and the other due to inflammation of layers of the uvea.

Various symptoms of uveitis
There are a number of symptoms that will tell you that you are suffering from such disease and you immediately need to visit your doctor. Such symptoms can be redness of the eye, photophobia or sensitivity to light, having regular eye pain, blurred vision or having disturbance in your vision, irregular pupils, floaters or dark spots in your visual field and headaches frequently. Now, the symptoms can differ given the kind of uveitis you are facing, but in any case neglecting this disease can cost you your vision. 

There are various scientific causes that can be the reason behind causing such damage to the eye. It does not necessarily have to be the eye but also can be due to certain disease of the other part of the body. Syndrome associated with HLA-B27 and also the presence of HLA allele can be some of the causes that damage the eye much. Also this can occur due to taking of a certain drug.

The treatment of this disease can be done either by using the eye drop suggested by the doctor, orally or by giving an injection that might stop the inflammation of the eye slowly. Anti-diabetic drug Metaformin is said to help the person going through this disease by regressing the swelling to a much greater extent.
There are also different kinds of treatments and it depends on the type of swelling and the affected part of your eye. There is although a number of patients who recover fully from such disease but they need to get a thorough check up every now and then.

One can face severe complications if they leave the problem unattended, inflammation in the eye can even come to a point that might cause you to lose your vision, therefore to take control of the situation when possible is advisable. Depending on the kind of damage that has occurred to your eye the doctor will suggest the needful to be done and therefore it is not necessarily required that one would have to go through a surgery. Simple eye drops can also cause the situation to immediately be resolved.

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